A Mandala is a circle. A sacred circle.

It consists of a centre, a boundary 
and all that is contained within it .

Through the practice of creating circles
and giving form to our meditation,
we focus our mind and attention- to our art. 

Mindfulness is Awareness. Quite simply.

Arriving in this moment, with clear vision and clarity. 

Mandala making creates the opportunity
to focus the energy of ones mind

and bring balance and harmony.

Through repeating a pattern, we harness a sense of
The Universal and the Sacred.  

These patterns are repeated throughout all of nature. 

We connect ourselves to an Inner knowing. 

Our true selves.

Like sharpening an arrow ,
we focus our minds and hearts
and become focussed on that we want to create in the world.

Mandala making is a Magical process.

It is Mindfulness in Action. 

It's a prayer and it's an offering.

It's a ritual and it's a gesture of Gratitude to the Divine.

Throughout time , All over the world,
you can find the practice of making and creating sacred circles.

It's an Art and it's a Spiritual practice
that is echoed throughout many cultures and civilisations.

It's been a practice for me for over 20 years.
It's been a journey, a profound journey.
The beauty of circle making is that it is accessible to all.

With the materials we find around us ,
there is always colour and texture
and a chance to bring it into Harmony.

Come create Circles with me.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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