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Ansisters Weekly Creativity Crucible

Friday 5th – Friday 26th March 2021

* Longing for deeper connection with Yourself?

* Missing the comfort of the company of women?

* Desiring a stronger relationship with your Creativity?

* Wishing to learn new tools for self discovery?

* Searching for a support group throughout lockdown?

This is a unique opportunity to get a sense of Ansisters Therapeutic Arts Circles.

Join this online journey and learn how to use creativity to explore and transform your inner and outer world.

Price: £58 for 4 gatherings or £20 weekly drop-in


More Info & Booking

  • March 2021 – Ansisters Weekly Creativity Circle

    Beginning March 5th 2021 A unique opportunity, get to journey LIVE with Maria Sophia Rose, Arts Counsellor and Creativity Coach, first in a series of online circles.

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    Course length

    2 Hours, weekly

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