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elcome home dear

Sister in Spirit

This is an open invitation for you to drop deeply into yourself. This is YOUR MOMENT to arrive gently and to be seen, held and witnessed in the unveiling of your true, and authentic self.

My name is Maria Sophia Rose.

I am a Mother, Sister, Daughter, A Lover, and a Wife.

My life is committed to my own inner enquiry of what it is to be a woman, in this world, at this time.

I am passionate about supporting others on this journey of inner dialogue and self empowerment and I would be deeply honoured if you join me on this profound journey.

I am the founder of Heart2Art's Ansisters Therapeutic Art Circles, and the global online self development 28 day Creativity Coaching programme.


Just like you , I long for an ever deepening connection to my feminine wisdom, and to other women alongside me on this quest.


I deeply believe our world needs your feminine creativity, which is why, through my work, I am committed to holding safe and sacred space for you to share and transform your story. We do this for the healing of All our stories, so that we can change "Herstory" and re-write our collective history.

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Heart2Art Programmes




Therapeutic Art Circle

Ansisters Therapeutic Art Circle is a weekly gathering that warmly welcomes you to drop deeply into yourself and land gently into a quiet space within.


Here is the opportunity to stop, to reflect , to share and to be nourished and nurtured in a supportive environment.


You will journey alongside other women who are with you on a quest to cultivate their powerful creative fire. Gather with us in sacred circle and connect with the muse that dwells within you.


You will explore a wide range of practices including visualisations, art making, and psychosynthesis meditations so you can discover a deeper meaning, purpose and passion in your life.

Through these weekly sisterhood gatherings, you will learn how to use the Ansisters creative process as a tool for awakening and empowerment so that you can have a more authentic connection with every part of your life.

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reativity Coaching

A lunar cycle of self discovery

Creativity Coaching is a 28 day online self development programme which will guide you step by step through a process of inner reflection which will connect you to the ever burning fire of creativity within you.

Creativity Coaching involves a conscious journey of self reflection and determination to clear away the blocks in the way of allowing your inner Artist to SHINE.


The fundamental premise of Creativity Coaching is that when engage with what is stopping you from art making , you create the space for new and refreshing inspiration to seed, take root, grow and BLOSSOM. 

I wish this great freedom of expression for all women and will stand strong as a constant and compassionate companion alongside you in this profoundly important voyage to the centre of your being. 

Join me.


“Maria has a natural sense of the sacred, and what the feminine means as a vessel and channel for that. She is richly imaginative and empathic as a creative person, and has always carried a maturity beyond her years. I would always reccomend her work..” 

—  Jay Ramsay, Psychotherapist

A close up macro shot of a red rose.jpg
A close up macro shot of a red rose.jpg

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